life is poo

21, melbournian, love music more than life itself.
ive accepted the fact that i'm strange. because i like it.
i love quentin tarantino movies, daria, karen o, reading a book, drinking tea, my ipod and many other things
i have a sick sense of humour.

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Wait what the hell is that room way in the back on the ground floor?

Did I miss something in the last 25 years?

This is amazing.

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Look like daria talk like jane



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The song is about being violently assaulted and it made me crazy for a few years. I got really paranoid walking around at night and started feeling really unsafe. The song is more about empowering myself physically amongst a masculine power, and the hate of feeling powerless, making light of masculine physical power, making it jovial and non-threatening. I took a typically violent cultural situation and made it pop and happy.”

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